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AUGUST 16, 2016

Hey Everyone!, 
Monday: After emailing last week we played basketball for about an hour. Even though I have 2 pretty bad ankle injuries....I'm suffering a lot from it haha. Monday night we had dinner with the Pickett family. They are a fun family with 4 kids that are at home and then like another 4 that are living outside the house now. We had a yummy macaroni and cheese with sausages! It was delicious! After that we rode around and just talked with people for the rest of the night! Not  a lot of success but we shall prevail!!!

Tuesday: On Tuesday we met with one of our newer investigators, Mikayla, at Starbucks. We taught  a little bit of the Plan of Salvation to her but weren't able to get to much out of our mouths cause she is a bit of a talker herself. Afterwards, we drove down to Winton (we had the Spanish Elders car for some random reason...?) and met with Sister Tornabene. Sister Tornabene has had a hard life and still is. She is a super sweet woman though and has the coolest color of blue eyes that I've ever seen!! later on, we met with one of our investigators named Jasmine. Jasmine is 19 years old and works at the Taco Bell right next to our apartment!!! She has been taught by missionaries before but has decided to give it another chance. We taught the Restoration and committed her t pray and read to know if it's true!!  We are meeting with her either Thursday or Friday for another lesson.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders (Elder Cummings and Elder Perkins) I went to the Hmong 5th branch (My HOME AREA!!!! <3) with elder Cummings and Elder Perkins stayed in the area with Elder Harolds until about 7 until they did some work in the Merced 1st ward (that's the other area the zone leaders cover). I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! I loved going back into the Hmong branch for a day! I have forgotten so much of the already little Hmong I know. But it was still awesome though. We got to see 2 of my favorite recent converts, Phoua Moua (the first woman I ever got to baptize) and Nancy Vue (a 19 yr old hmong girl that got baptized in January. It was good seeing both of them and knowing that they are active and strong in the church! We also had 3 DINNERS THAT DAY!! WE had a 3, 5, and 7:30 dinners!! Elder Cummings and I were SOOOO stuffed by the end!! It was so good though!! TO finish off the night before bed, Elder Cummings and the rest of us played ping pong at their apartment. It was loads of fun! 

Thursday: We saw the Taccuba family and we taught Elizabeth (unbaptized 8 yr old.) about 3 Nephi 11 through 26 about Christ coming to the Americas. This little girl is sooo SMART and comprehends a lot of what we are teaching her!! She wants to get baptized so bad but he rparent swan tto wait till she turns 9 in November!! SO it's not too far away!! But still a little bit to go.

Friday: We visited Tom (we haven't been able to get in the last few weeks) and taught a little bit about the Plan of Salvation!!! 

Saturday: We had transfer calls!!!!!!! AND....I'm going to be training a brand new missionary!!!!! 

Sunday: Elder Harolds gave his farewell talk in the ward today. He's been a good comp that I have learned a lot from. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!! 
Elder Richardson

Hair parted on the other side to hide my shame


Elder Hopkins and I have matching shirts.

I saw Sister Zuleski -Hmong member from my              
Merced days at a restaurant.                                                    My comp leaving me?

Temple trip picture with Elder Moderos - He is in training right now.
We missed the zone temple picture.  

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